Pizza Roll-Ups

I needed to make a savory type of “finger food” for an event and these Pizza Roll-Ups were a hit!  The dough is made from scratch and is very easy to make.  I made this recipe with just cheese and pepperoni. You can use your favourite pizza topping ingredients (meat, veggies, etc).  Be sure to watch them carefully as they bake.  They can easily burn if you let them go too long.  For your next gathering or just for yourself, give these a try! Continue reading

Seafood Farfalle


All I can say about this delicious recipe is: FLAVOUR OVER-LOAD!  If you love seafood and are in need of an ultra-easy, quick and impressive recipe, may I suggest Seafood Farfalle.  I know seafood can be pricy but sometimes it’s nice to treat ourselves or make something special for company.  You don’t have to be a whiz in the kitchen to pull off this winner of a recipe.  This dish is similar to a Fettuccini Alfredo but the sauce is thinner (not to worry because it works!)  Also, farfalle is also known as “Bowtie” pasta.

Eat with a fork and have a spoon handy to catch all that sauce.  Continue reading