Pizza Roll-Ups

I needed to make a savory type of “finger food” for an event and these Pizza Roll-Ups were a hit!  The dough is made from scratch and is very easy to make.  I made this recipe with just cheese and pepperoni. You can use your favourite pizza topping ingredients (meat, veggies, etc).  Be sure to watch them carefully as they bake.  They can easily burn if you let them go too long.  For your next gathering or just for yourself, give these a try! Continue reading

Twice Baked Potatoes


If you are looking for a way to bring your baked potato to the next level, the Twice Baked Potato is the way to do it.   These dressed-up spuds will have your family and guests asking for seconds.   This side dish is perfect for your next barbecue or get together or even all on it’s own.  One thing is for certain, you’ll wish you had made more. Continue reading