Triple Chocolate Blondie Bars



If you’re not familiar with Blondies, they are usually soft and often gooey on the inside.  They can be mistaken for being under baked or raw inside.  They’re not.  That’s how they are supposed to be.  So when I was asked to bake something for a potluck where the majority of attendees would be teenagers, I knew that Blondies would be a hit.  I decided to throw in some extra surprise ingredients as well …Fudgee-o Cookies, Twix Bar and Chocolate Chips. These Blondies have been brought to a whole new level. Continue reading

Carob Energy Nuggets


Every once in a while I buy a healthy (and pricy) treat for my husband at our local health food store. They are called Energy Nuggets.  In no time the bag is ripped open and they are gobbled up (of course I help a little).  I wondered if there was a recipe out there for them and lo and behold there was!  I bought the ingredients and whipped them up last night.  I made a few minor adjustments to suit my taste.  I didn’t take step-by-step photos as I wasn’t sure if the recipe was going to turn out.  Was I shocked when they came out exactly the same as the store bought version.  So the next time I make them I will take the step-by-step pics.   I did take a few pics of the end result so you don’t have to go completely without.  This no-bake recipe comes together very fast so you don’t have to wait too long before you can pop one or two in your mouth.  By the way, for anyone interested, this recipe is Vegan and Gluten free. Only 63 calories per nugget to conquer your sweet tooth! Continue reading

Pumpkin Brownies (vegan)


It’s the weekend AGAIN! How fast did that happen? And it turns out we have absolutely no sweets in our home. Not one cookie or anything. I didn’t want the hubs to go without so baking seemed like a good idea until I realized we didn’t have any butter. Not to fret, I chose to bake something vegan (and on the healthy side). I had just enough chocolate to make this recipe and waaaaay back in one of my kitchen cupboards I found a can of pumpkin puree. The Bakery is OPEN! These brownies baked up and sliced perfectly.   The pumpkin delivered on the moistness.

Once I had eaten one of these Pumpkin Brownies I was thinking that you could probably eat them for breakfast without feeling guilty. They are filling and very nutritious for a brownie!  And… if you were in a hurry…I’m just sayin’… why not?

This is not an overly sweet brownie but you could add another ¼ cup of sugar if you like a traditionally sweeter brownie.

Continue reading

Seafood Farfalle


All I can say about this delicious recipe is: FLAVOUR OVER-LOAD!  If you love seafood and are in need of an ultra-easy, quick and impressive recipe, may I suggest Seafood Farfalle.  I know seafood can be pricy but sometimes it’s nice to treat ourselves or make something special for company.  You don’t have to be a whiz in the kitchen to pull off this winner of a recipe.  This dish is similar to a Fettuccini Alfredo but the sauce is thinner (not to worry because it works!)  Also, farfalle is also known as “Bowtie” pasta.

Eat with a fork and have a spoon handy to catch all that sauce.  Continue reading

Lemony Chicken Dill Soup


Every once in a while I surprise the heck out of myself by cooking up a recipe that makes me think, “Wow! This is SO GOOD. I should open up my own restaurant.”  This Lemony Chicken Dill Soup was so surprisingly flavourful, I couldn’t believe it!   The lemon dill really pull it all together.  Every spoonful was slurp-heaven!   A perfect balance of flavours will have you coming back for more.

From start to finish, this soup took about 1 hour and 20 min but worth every second. I highly recommend any one who loves lemon and dill to make it.  Just wait until your first taste!  You’ll know exactly what I’m carrying on about. Continue reading

Loaded Taco Casserole



It’s the weekend…Yay!  I wanted to make something special for my husband (man-food to be exact) and this recipe did not disappoint him in any way.  It was delicious with two manly “Thumbs Up!”  Man-food aside, anyone in search of comfort food would be all over this dish!

As I was putting this casserole together, I was concerned that my 2 quart dish was going to be too small but it all just fit.  Out of the oven and on our plates the flavour was Taco-tastic!  I served it with tortilla chips and a dollop of sour cream on top.

You can choose your level of heat by using spicier salsa if desired.

This recipe would go over very well at a pot luck.. You may need to double the recipe if you’re feeding a large crowd.  I couldn’t imagine there being any left overs.  Continue reading

Spinach & Artichoke Lasagna


Can we all agree that lasagna is pure comfort food?  I’m sure we can.  I found this veggie lasagna recipe from Beth over at Budget Bytes and I had to share it with you because this lasagna is just so awesome.  This juicy recipe is FOOL-PROOF and the first time I made it, it was a huge hit! I made a few slight adjustments but the flavour is all the same.  The best part of this recipe is that it is SO EASY to make for two main reasons. The recipe calls for No-Boil lasagna noodles and a jar of marinara sauce.  So you don’t have to boil noodles or make your sauce from scratch (unless you really want to).  I also used a smaller and deeper baking dish to give a thicker layered piece of lasagna on my plate. The original recipe calls for a 9×11″ pan.  I used a glass Pyrex 2.75 quart (2.6L) baking dish. The lasagna held together beautifully.  Get ready for rave reviews!

On a side note, I probably over did it with photos (like I do with all of my posts, but that’s just me). I didn’t want you to miss out on any steps or beauty shots. I also want to encourage you to get the ingredients this week and make it!  Serve with my Greek Salad for a complete meal.  I’ve got you covered ; ) Continue reading

10 Vegetable Soup


After looking over several healthy vegetable soup recipes, it was time to get organized.  I made a list of all the veggies I wanted in my vegetable soup and decided that I would use one cup of each vegetable.  I chose my favourite vegetables for the soup and you can do the same with your soup as this is a very forgiving recipe!  The same goes for any herbs and spices that appeal to you as well.  I would have added more types of vegetables but they were out of season (I suppose I could have used frozen but I really wanted to use fresh). Having said this, my corn was frozen. If you need more veggies in your diet, here is a way to get them in you.  Also, I didn’t cook my soup to death as I like my vegetables with a slight crunch to them.  Once the soup was fully combined with all the ingredients, I simmered it for 10 -15 minutes.  Be sure to simmer for longer if  you desire softer vegetables. Continue reading