Crunchy Veggie & Bean Salad


So I have been craving a good bean salad this week and something had to be done about it.  I made this recipe on the fly and although I have photos, I didn’t take step-by-step pics like I do in all my other posts.

Now, if there’s one thing I don’t like about bean salads in general, it’s the sugar content that most of them have.  I wanted something zesty and fresh.   I’m also not crazy about green or wax beans in my salad either (I know picky, picky!)  Well, the great thing about this salad is that it’s totally versatile.  Pick the beans, veggies and herbs that you like. You can use my recipe as a guide or just make it like I did. I will say this, when I put the first spoonful in my mouth, it tasted like SUMMER!  Craving conquered! The next time I make this recipe I will update it with step by step pics. But this recipe so easy, you really don’t need them.

This recipe made 6 cups of salad. If yours makes more or less, adjust your oil, vinegar, and salt accordingly. Also, you can easily use lemon instead of vinegar.  Possibilities are endless. Continue reading