Greek Salad


Greek Salad is probably my most favourite salad. So fresh, so tasty!  I could eat it every day but I don’t because I know I would get sick of it and I don’t want that.  In my city, there’s an Italian grocery store called Angelino’s that makes fresh homemade dishes ready to take home.  They also make fresh Greek Salad that I have purchased from time to time because they are SO GOOD!  Their dressing is a family secret and they weren’t about to tell me what it is. Fair enough.  I had to crack the code on greek salad dressing that would compare to theirs.  I think I came pretty close.  I would have to get a job there as Salad Girl if I really wanted their recipe. Continue reading

Slow Cooker Asian-Style Chicken


I love my slow cooker. LOVE IT!  I had 3 packs of chicken drumsticks in my freezer and all I wanted to do was thaw them, toss them in my slow cooker, spin on my heel and walk away.  Well, once I had all FIVE ingredients for this wonderful recipe in my slow cooker, I spun on my heel and took one step towards kitchen sink to wash the dishes.  So much for walking away.  But I sure walked away once the dishes were done.

This chicken recipe is very saucy, juicy and not to mention EASY!  Once cooked, the meat just falls off the bone.  Don’t feel you have to double the sauce because there is plenty.  Once in the slow cooker it’s ok if the chicken is not fully submerged in the liquid. It will cook up just fine. The flavour is somewhat mild but tasty!  It was a hit in my home. Serve with basmati rice and a veggie of your choice. Continue reading