Chocolate CHUNK Cookies



This Chocolate Chip (Chunk) Cookie recipe has been flying around my kitchen for over a year now…and why have I not made it?  I really can’t say.  I almost forgot I even had it until the other day I was going through a pile of recipes and there it was.  With an upcoming potluck this weekend, I knew they HAD to be made.  I will warn you: this recipe does come with a few quirks that must me adhered to.  Firstly, you need Cake/Pasty Flour AND Bread Flour.  No All-Purpose flour allowed (so don’t even think about it  ; ).  If you have a local Bulk Store, I would recommend going there to buy your flours as opposed to committing to 2 large bags of flour. Secondly, this recipe is a 2 (two) day process.  UGH…I know! The dough must be refrigerated for 24 hours.  This process adds to the look and texture of the cookie so don’t skip this step!  By the time you’re finished making the dough, you’ll be glad to see it go in the fridge. The next day you’ll have a clean kitchen to start Operation Baking Cookies.

I will tell you this,  all the work that goes into this precious gem of a cookie are all well worth it.  If the amount of the ingredients seem a little to daunting, then by all means, cut the recipe in half. I have provided 29 large step-by-step photos (Yikes!) to show you just how easy this recipe really is. A recipe like this deserves this many pics.

We have Pastry Chef Jacques Torres, known as “Mr. Chocolate” to thank for this unbelievable recipe that makes over 8 dozen cookies.  Go Big or Go Home!  Let the games begin… Continue reading

Chicken Chili


Chili is one of my favourite go to staple recipes.  Sometimes, when I don’t know what to make for dinner, I almost always have all the ingredients on hand to make Chili.  Satisfying and filling not to mention easy to make.   This recipe does not contain any real spicy heat.  You can easily add the level of heat you like with chili flakes, Tabasco Sauce, jalapeños, or other hot sauce of  your choice.  Or you can have your family or guests add their own level of heat suits them.  Serve with your favourite Nacho Tortilla Chips for a nice added crunch. Continue reading

BBQ Chicken Salad with Broccoli & Aspargus


This versatile Salad Entrée makes for two servings that’s refreshing and filling.  A great summer meal with minimal cooking heat in the kitchen.  The vegetables in this salad can be altered depending on what veggies and fixings you like or have on hand.  I barbequed marinated boneless-skinless chicken thighs (you could also use baked or grilled chicken from your kitchen if you don’t have a bbq). Continue reading

Chocolate Sparkle Cookies


Don’t let the two day process to make this cookie prevent you from making it.  That would be a shame. I came across The Chocolate Sparkle Cookie a few weeks ago.  I was offered one and at first glance it didn’t look like anything special.  Just a regular chocolate cookie.  I took a bite and boy was I wrong! You know the old saying, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” That’s exactly what I did.  Lesson learned.   One bite: it was sensational!  It was like eating a super chocolaty fluffy brownie.  Very smooth and light. Not what I was expecting at all!  You would never think that it’s gluten free. Continue reading

Cranberry KITCHEN

                                               Cranberry KITCHEN

EEK!  I started a Food Blog!  Where do I begin to start telling you all about it?  It’s been a crazy ride.  It’s been super tough (more like torture) not telling anyone and keeping this a secret for the past 4 weeks.  So…SURPRISE!

The decision to start a food blog.  I agonized over the decision to start a blog for the entire month of May this year.  I researched, watched YouTubes, researched some more.  I wanted to start a blog but it seemed like such a heavy commitment.  So I played it safe… “When in doubt, say no!” And I did. It was early June and I completely talked myself out of it.  Big sigh of relief!

But then June went by and July rolled around.  The Blog Bug was starting in on me again.  I looked into it some more.  Starting to feel more confident and stopping the “what if” nonsense, I signed up.  That put a stop to no more: “should I – shouldn’t  I.”

Little did I know Continue reading