Cranberry KITCHEN

                                               Cranberry KITCHEN

EEK!  I started a Food Blog!  Where do I begin to start telling you all about it?  It’s been a crazy ride.  It’s been super tough (more like torture) not telling anyone and keeping this a secret for the past 4 weeks.  So…SURPRISE!

The decision to start a food blog.  I agonized over the decision to start a blog for the entire month of May this year.  I researched, watched YouTubes, researched some more.  I wanted to start a blog but it seemed like such a heavy commitment.  So I played it safe… “When in doubt, say no!” And I did. It was early June and I completely talked myself out of it.  Big sigh of relief!

But then June went by and July rolled around.  The Blog Bug was starting in on me again.  I looked into it some more.  Starting to feel more confident and stopping the “what if” nonsense, I signed up.  That put a stop to no more: “should I – shouldn’t  I.”

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